Allows YouTube videos to play in the background


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  • Category Video and Audio Downloaders
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.4.1
  • Size 18 MB
  • Works under: Android
  • Program available in English
  • Content rating Medium Maturity
  • Package name com.palmerintech.firetube
  • Program by FireTube

FireTube for Android is a handy app which allows you to play music from YouTube videos in the background even as you use your phone to do other things. YouTube lovers remember the days when the YouTube app could be played in the background as you used other apps on iOS or Android, but those days are not more. Now the official YouTube app ceases playback as soon as it is minimized. Firetube solves this problem, allowing you to play audio from YouTube files even after you have minimized the Firetube app, switched to another app, or turned off the screen or your phone or tablet entirely.

This essentially allows you to turn all of YouTube into your personal cloud media player, streaming movie after movie and easily pausing, playing, and skipping between YouTube clips in a playlist. Listen to your own playlists or public playlists even as you work on an email or play your favorite Android game. Firetube saves your cellular data by automatically cutting the video layer off and streaming the audio only. Instead of an HD video, you will see a still image preview. You can also select the quality in which you want to stream your YouTube music, allowing you to further control your cellular data impact.

You can browse YouTube directly from within the app's browser and cache streaming songs so that they keep playing even if you are temporarily disconnected from the network. You can easily access the play controls from the Android lock screen.


  • Only plays the audio of a YouTube video to save your cellular data.
  • Close that app, switch between apps, and turn off the screen--your YouTube audio will still play.
  • Easily pause, play, and skip through YouTube songs or stream your personal YouTube playlists to your phone over the Internet--all in the background.
  • Firetube essentially converts all of YouTube into your personal cloud player.


  • The caching ability of the app is limited and you cannot listen to many songs after being disconnected from WiFi.

What's New v1.1.3 - Minor Fix v1.1.0 - Added Local Caching - Playlist Fix - Added Portuguese translation (Thanks Felipe!) - Added Vietnamese translation (Thanks Tai!) v1.0.5 - Added Sleep Timer - New Animations - Added Spanish translation (Thanks Juan!) - Added Hebrew translation (Thanks Jack!) v1.0.4 - Fixed character errors in search v1.0.3 - Added share via YouTube app. - Material design elements added - Added Italian translation (Thanks Francesco!) v1.0.2 - Fix for Saving playlists Read more